October 18, 2007

Dog Lovers Will Really DIG This!

The best things in life are not always easy to find. But if you can tap into your inner “Labrador Retriever,” you’ll never quit until you get there. And that’s what diguntilyoufindit.com is all about. Julie Sementini, creator of Rhode Island-based company DIG, says that the brand was inspired by dogs “searching for the ultimate bone in life. The same rings true for people in their quest for love, health, happiness and success.”

The DIG collection includes DIG wear in today’s hottest colors, DIG hats, blankets, collars and leads, inspiring stationary (called DIGnotes) and of course, the famous DIG decals that started it all. From the very first “My dog DIGS Newport” stickers to decals on bowls, magnets and more, you’ll discover lots of new ways to shout out about your great puppy love.

The best part of all is that DIG uses part of its profits to benefit dog shelters, foster dog adoptions, and assert doggie rights.

Can you dig it?


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