October 19, 2007

Have Bowl, Will Travel

Here’s a nifty little idea that is sure to “bowl” you and your pet over. Something that brings new meaning to the idea of “eating on the go.” A great way to ensure that your pet consumes the loving goodness of each meal you serve. Introducing the Aqua-Fur Bowl by TazLab!

It is a sturdy silicone bowl that looks, acts and feels like a regular dog bowl but—here’s the kicker—when not in use, it easily folds up like an origami! That’s right, folds! Convenient and compact and cute to boot, you can easily pack this handy 8-ounce-capacity bowl in your purse or travel case, or even the glove compartment! Available in four bright, fun-loving colors: fire red, water blue, grass green and sun orange. Totally dishwasher safe, impervious to hot or cold and guaranteed to never, ever wet out.

Now your pet can have a favorite bowl and you can take it along anytime, anywhere!


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