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October 22, 2007

Turn Meals Into Perfection!

What makes for a perfect meal? Ambiance? Flavor? An uncompromising chef?

Now, what makes for a perfect meal for your cat or dog? The Perfect PetFeeder! It does more than just dole out food; it completely addresses your pet’s unique nutritional needs and accommodates your busy life at the same time. It helps you implement healthy, consistent, portion-controlled nutrition that's customized for your pet's optimum health, even when you work long hours and can't get home.

With the Perfect Petfeeder, making adjustments to your pet's feeding program and meal amounts couldn’t be easier. And because your pet understands that their meals come from the Perfect Petfeeder and not you, incessant begging ceases and voila! a healthier diet.

The perfect way to increase your pet’s nutrition!

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