October 23, 2007

Cuddly Ruff

Of course, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Just ask Marilyn or Madonna. Now, those carbon allotropes can be BFF to your BFFF. (Um, that would be your Best Four-Legged Friend Forever.) Inspired by their own little BFFFs, Emma Jade and Bouncer, the co-creators of Cuddly Ruff polished their acts as fine jewelers and fashion experts to give their canines real carat treats over a year ago. Because dogs deserve diamonds, too.

Devoted to wearable bones in precious stones that might possibly necessitate pet-owner loans, the sumptuous Cuddly Ruff accessories, er, dog tags, are definitely not diamonds in the rough. The stunning pieces can be pricey, since each diamond is selected for the 4C’s: color, clarity, carat and cut. Just like ours. And the delectable canine clavicle adornments, with or without diamonds and in 14K white gold – diamond-studded bone, heart or initial circle shapes to be strung on your choice of pearl, turquoise or rhodochrosite “necklaces” – can be personalized with your pet’s name on front, contact info on the back.

Cuddly Ruff also offers the Spa line of pampering grooming treatments, people-worthy Big Sky bedding blankies and eco-friendly West Paw-designed toys. But, as they say, diamonds are forever. And, now, doesn’t your little love pup deserve a piece of forever?


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