October 24, 2007

In My Own Little Corner...

Once upon a time, dogs hated being cornered. And unless Cinder Ella, your Chinese Crested, could warble “in my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be,” how would you know that a corner pet bed – personalized no less – would be what your doggie desireth most?

Cue GrandinRoad, the “affordable style” pet website, and its snug-in-a-corner doggie bed. Like a fairy godmother’s wand magically transforming ruby shoes into no-place-like-home, this luxurious poly-filled bed transforms that most underused area of any house – namely, the corner – into Spot’s own spot.

Designed for the ultimate in doggie comfort, tufted detailing ensures the removable pillow stays soft and plumped, so your little Prince or Princess will never complain of a “pea.” The thick micro-suede cover zips off for machine-wash easy care. Monogram your Sleeping Beauty’s new throne with his or her name (up to ten block-style letters are allowed, although, beware! personalized items are non-returnable.). And, poof! They all lived happily ever after…throughout all the corners of the land.


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