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October 25, 2007

Great Ideas to CHEW On!

Fling Thing, Hurley, BowWowzer, Zisc. No, these are not the names of the hot new recording artists discovered on American Idol. These are just a fewy of the newy, incredibly chewy toys at . They’re all lightweight and buoyant and anti-microbial to prevent smelly odors and bacteria from settling. Plus, they're durable beyond belief, they help to keep your dog's teeth clean and sparkling, and the biggest reason to try these quirky toys—FUN!

Fling Thing is the perfect water toy for playing fetch. Hurley combines all the joy of a ball and a bone in one toy. BowWowzer Ball comes in vibrant colors of red and yellow, allowing for easy visibility in both grass and water. Huck Ball will keep your dog jumping…literally! And Zisc, a very cool flying disc, will get your dog leaping and jumping and burning off boundless energy.

Each a little different but all extremely durable, these chew toys will keep your pooch entertained for days, months and yes...even years!

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