October 28
, 2009

Dog Health Myths: Certain Breeds Have Locking Jaws

This myth has been applied to a variety of types of dogs from American Staffordshire Terriers to Bulldogs and Boxers. Numerous studies, however, have completely refuted this theory. No type of dog has been found to have a mechanism that enables locking the top and bottom jaws together. So, where did this rumor come from?

Most probably because of what dog breeds commonly accused of having locking jaws were bred to do. For example, Bulldogs and American Staffordshire Terriers were often bred to be used for the cruel “sports” of bull fighting or dog fighting. In these "sports" it was a prized skill for a dog to have the tenacity and stubbornness to bite down and hold on to the opponent at all costs. To learn more about specific health problems associated with different dog breeds click here.

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