October 30
, 2009

Raise the Bar. Push the Limits.

We love Stunt Puppy for who they are. They’re about real dogs, the kind who brave the elements without “apparel,” walk the whole way, fetch every ball, nudge their running partners before the alarm sounds, lunge off the dock sans a second thought, work till the job’s done, and pull the sled all the way to the top.

Taking their cues from climbing, skiing and camping, they use the best raw materials and construction.

Who else could invent a stinkproof collar? The Dry Collar, ™ designed for dogs on the move, is waterproof and odor proof. Or the Roundabout™, a shorter leash that wraps around a dog's collar and “disappears” until needed?

Re-defining indestructibility for hunting, field and water dogs who push limits. Every day.


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