October 31, 2007

The Nose Knows

Human: “I’ll just put on this (admittedly unattractive) hard plastic “megaphone” to single-handedly put an end to Rover licking his hot spots, stitches, rashes and injuries. Problem solved.”

Canine: “Oh, the indignity! It’s bad enough I can’t scratch or lick whatever itches or hurts; I can’t reach anything! Can’t get a morsel of food, a sip of water, a comfortable position for sleep, or a sniff of ground to properly do my business! Can’t even see. She solved one problem of hers by creating new ones for me: an animal who lives by my nose.”

Human: “So it’s not a thing of beauty. It’s temporary.”

Canine: “She loves me. Gives me designer duds, fab jewels, family vacations and couture carriers. Coordinates my bed with her upholstery. Reads Daily Kibble and shops at funstufffordogs.com. Now suddenly she’s okay with, “not a thing of beauty?!!”

Enter Comfy Cone, to the rescue. Because it’s made of ripstop nylon and lined with foam inside, it’s lightweight, comfortable, washable and flexible. Every bit as effective as those hard plastic ones but folds back easily so Poochie can see, eat, drink, sniff, even play normally. More to the point, comfortably!

Velcro attachments fasten all along the seams for a comfortable and custom fit. Adjust both length and shape (from wide cone to narrow tube shape) to suit your pooch (from short-bodied dachshund to long-nosed greyhound).

BTW, Comfy Cone won Best New Product at the SuperZoo 2007 Show. We give it “a round of apaws” for design, innovation, and pure genius.


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