November 5
, 2009

You Say You Want a Revolution…

Molly Mutt is revolutionizing the dog bed with its dog duvet and stuff sack.

Stylish. Comfortable. Clean. Cost-saving and eco-friendly.

Simply cover your existing dog bed with the molly mutt dog duvet (in a staggering array of designer fabrics) or, better yet, fill the duvet with old clothes and bedding you've got lying around ready to throw out. Presto! Your dog has a new bed, you found a fab fun way to recycle old things, and your closet suddenly becomes spacious. No contractors needed. 

For those so inclined, a mesh stuff sack organizes the “innards” (e.g., old blankets, pillows, t-shirts, socks) in a snap, creating the coziest eco-friendly “fill” for these hip-happenin’ duvets.

Fido will immediately hunker down for serious zzzzzs.

BTW, keep extra molly mutt covers on hand for travel or to have a clean change. Throw the stuff sack and all contents directly into the washer for cleaning. And at the end of its useful life, when the cover itself is worn and threadbare, the old molly mutt cover can find new life as stuffing in the next molly mutt duvet!


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