November 11
, 2009

Does A Warm & Dry Nose Mean Your
Dog Is Sick?

Your dog’s nose may be warm and dry or cold and wet for a variety of reasons completely unrelated to how he is feeling or whether he has a fever. Dog noses often become warm and dry during a nap, or when they are in a warm or dry environment. For example, a perfectly healthy dog relaxing in the morning sun or even in a heated room during winter will often have a warm and dry nose. For legitimate signs that may indicate that your dog is not feeling well, click here.

Legitimate signs that may indicate your dog is not feeling well include changes in activity level, changes in appetite, and of course, symptoms such as limping, coughing, vomiting or changes in urinary or fecal output. As an informed dog owner you should also be aware of your dog’s vital signs – normal breathing rate, heart rate and temperature. To learn more about each of these vital signs and how to take your dog's temperature, click here.

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