November 12
, 2009

Whole-hearted Holistic

There is now a dog and cat food for all of you who embrace a holistic philosophy for enhancing mind, body and spirit! To extend that empowered approach to your furry best friends, to foster healthier and longer lives for them as well as yourself, read on.

Holistic Select® with Select Actives™ -  Nature’s Power Ingredients includes unique, functional ingredients found in nature and aimed at preventing health problems in your pets before they start.

Take a cue from that ancient dude, Hippocrates, who advised, “Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal your patient with food.”

Via its innovative and exclusive Select Actives, Holistic Select recipes target better health for dogs and cats not just today but over the long haul. By synergistically combining enzymes, probiotics, live micro-organisms, botanicals and phytonutrients, this pet food means better health at every stage of life—from puppies and kittens to seniors.

Available nationwide in independent pet specialty stores, it’s now only a click away.


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