November 16
, 2009

New Zealand Dogma

Dogs that are dry, warm and comfortable work better, play with greater enthusiasm, suffer less joint and muscle stiffness, are easier to maintain, and use their food more efficiently as fuel rather than for warmth. And a clean, dry dog is easier to snuggle up to than a wet one.

At D-fa™ they believe that dogs should be dogs.  They don’t believe in dressing dogs in clothes, or scratchy fibres or sleeves you can’t get your legs through. They don’t believe in making dogs look like babies, fairies, pumpkins or elves. And, they believe that a handbag is no place for a dog.

Their “dogma” holds that dogs should be free to run, play, work and be by your side wherever your adventures may take you … around the block, to the park or into the wilderness. So, they make D-fa™ dog jackets and equipment with activity and comfort in mind, to help you and your dog make the most of your surroundings.

Whether your dog is a workmate, playmate or fur-child, D-fa™ gear befits the noble, bone-chewing, stick-chasing, pole-weaving, Frisbee-catching, people-rescuing and endlessly loyal creatures that we simply call DOG.

Because it should always feel good to be a dog!


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