November 17
, 2009

Dogs Amuse = Dogs: a Muse

Barkology tees are a fashion statement of pure dog devotion. Soft, prewashed cotton, great colors, and endearing graphics, all amusing, endearing and irresistible. Never straying far from our beloved muse: the dog, the current collection is hot off Atlanta and New York gift show runways.

Check out the Mutt shirt, Born by chance, loved by choice™. The Grrrrr shirts are fab, as are the ragged Big Grrrrr caps, and other Dog-ism gear. Also be on the look out for Sleeps with Dogs® and Dog Walker caps that have just arrived.

The wares are couture de rigueur for those who love dogs: amusing, endearing, and irresistible. Flaunt your fashion flair and express your canine adoration in one fell swoop.


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