December 6, 2007

"Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?"

Even the world’s best-cared-for dogs get lost. They escape through open gates, slip nimbly out the door as guests slip in, or wander off the moment you turn your head. “Stay” becomes a thing of the past…fast.

PetSafe®’s GPS Locator brings state-of-the-art wireless technology, 24 hour protection and unparalleled customer service to retrieving your retriever. Its GPS enabled collar pinpoints your pointer. It tracks your Evil Kneivel’s stunts via satellite and stops that adventure-seeking pooch in his tracks.

No more canvassing the ‘hood or waiting by the phone full of anxiety. This device puts you squarely back in control of quickly and easily locating your wanton escapee.

And their customer service? Superb! An agent can even stay on the line with you through every backyard, back alley or bramble bush until Pupsi is safely back in your arms. Literally going the extra mile.

There’s no better use of GPS. After all, we’ve yet to hear of a car running away or a heart broken as a result. But furbabies can and do. Get one for yours.

Want one? Pet Safe is giving away one free GPS Locator ($300 value). Recommended for dogs 30 lbs. and up. Click here to enter your name and contact information.

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