December 10, 2007


For those in-the-know about Bullyware, we say Bully for you! For those of you not knowing, get going! To the hottest and coolest threads this side of the moon.

Bullyware harnesses the power of Pawsitivity as a force for change. Believing dogs are the best (but underused) diplomats and goodwill ambassadors, Nile Butta delivers an unparalleled look that blends martian cool, NASA blast and surf’essence.

Don’t miss the “Aunties” collection- Auntie Fur, Auntie Depression, Auntie War and Auntie Gravity duds, enlisted in fighting all of the above.

Suave. Chic. Urban. Unlike any other. Plus, the utmost attention to detail, tailoring, and quality.

And for DK readers, Bullyware is giving away 10 FREE Evil Elf T-shirts, a limited edition for Holiday 2007. If your pooch wears it, any charcoal that might otherwise appear in his stocking will be magically transformed into treats! Click here to WIN!

Bullyware is magical!

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