December 13, 2007

Isabella Isa-Swell-a!

For those of you who crave top-notch design as well as fabulous finds, there’s Isabella Cane. Founded by doglovers who also happen to be designers and architects, it’s a treasure trove for those sophisticates addicted to great design.

We love their whole lineup, but are especially smitten with their red velvet collar and lead, their Dotty collars, and their signature dining set (matching dog bowl, coffee mug, and mat).

Red velvet pawsitively barks “couture,” spiffing up all dogs of all shapes and sizes. Luxurious red velvet being the pinnacle of fashion, we bet that seeing your furry friend in this collar and lead may just spur you on to rethink your own holiday wardrobe to match.

Having raised the neckwear bar so, your pooch will want comparable taste and style in dinnerware. That’s where Isabella Cane’s signature bowl, mat and mug designed exclusively for them in a flora and fauna pattern come in. You’ll sip coffee from that elegant mug, while Fido enjoys his equally elegant (and matching) bowl and mat. Togetherness like never before.

And just when the season’s festivities become a bit too much, threatening to overwhelm, a Dotty collar becomes the perfect antidote to stress. It’s festive, fun and lighthearted, despite its serious credentials (it’s made of award winning Crypton fabric, designed by an architect, stain and bacteria resistant, and washable).

These products are divinely designed, yet don’t take themselves too seriously. Kind of like the dog itself.

10-10-10 WINS: Isabella Cane is giving away 10 red velvet collars FREE today to 10 lucky DK readers. Click here to win!

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