December 15
, 2009

Papooch: Like No Other

Papooch™ is more than a bag, it’s a lifestyle! Having your tiny dog by your side wherever you go is not as easy as it sounds.

Enter a hands-free, chic, comfortable and sturdy carrier with room for your keys, wallet, MP3, and your pup. Unlike any you've seen before, Papooch will revolutionize the way the two of you cavort around town; together.

Just load your essentials in the bag, snugly install your furry best friend, and you’re off. Papooch can even fold down into another bag for storage after use.

It’s made in the USA of DuPont™ Hydrology™ water-resistant leather so that pets can be carried, rain or shine. The sleek hands-free design makes it perfect for outdoor activities and urban settings.  

And get this: although Papooch is a stylish luxury leather bag, its state-of-the-art leather is washable!

Get yours immediately at Le Petit Puppy in Manhattan’s West Village or online at

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