December 16
, 2009

Can You Really Multiply By 7 To Figure Out How Old Your Dog Is In Human Years?

Not true. In fact, even though dog/human age comparison tables abound, there is no precise formula to ascertain definitively whether or not you and your dog will be able to ring in your 40th birthdays together. What veterinarians do know is that large dogs tend to have shorter life spans than smaller dogs.

Therefore, each human year for your Lab mix counts as more “dog years” than it does for your Maltese mix. As a guideline, a dog whose ideal adult weight is at least 50 pounds will generally be considered to have reached his senior years at about 7 years old. A dog whose ideal weight is between 20 to 50 pounds is generally considered geriatric at about 9 years old, and a dog who weighs below 20 pounds is usually considered geriatric at about 10 years old. To learn about caring for your senior dog click here.

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