December 19, 2007

A Multitude of Wins! has so many unique and stylish pet items this season that we couldn’t pick just one.

Take the incredible Nest Bed. A perfect circle for perfect comfort, it gives your dog or cat its own cozy floor-level sanctuary, perfectly suited for napping or storing toys. Because décor does matter!
For the pet who loves to lord over the manor, the Pod Bed offers the security of a mountaintop cave. A private personal sanctuary for hiding, curling up, taking a snooze, or just reigning supreme via a raised podium.
The Pink Camo Sling is a great way to carry your pet while he or she curls up, watches the world go by and looks great all at once. With ultrasoft velvet lining and a safety leash for protection, 2 ways to wear it (over your shoulder or across your chest), and 2 ample side pockets for stuff, it’s sure to become the favorite carrier for both of you.
Last but not least, a cat scratcher with style! Hours of cat-scratching fun combined with the ideal snoozing spot and tunnels for play make the M.A.X. eXtreme Scratchers the cat’s meow of living spaces. Each scratcher comes with catnip to boot.

And, just for the first 10 DK readers to click here, is giving away FREE the ever- fashionable Bon Ton Poop Pickup Kit in the latest Camouflage color.

There you have it: a multitude of wins!

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