December 21, 2007

There's No Ball Like a Snowball

Planet Dog has come out with the world’s first doggie-chewable, buoyant, bouncy, minty (for minty-fresh breath) and NON-MELTING snowball toy. We think it’s irresistibly cute; our dogs think it’s the best thing since sliced snow.

Just like art history majors sometimes come to prefer slides to their original painted counterparts, we’re sure your dog will prefer this version to the cold, wet real white stuff. And we guarantee no yellow snow was used in making this Orbee-Tuff® toy.

View their entire lineup of chew toys which includes bones and balls galore for pups and adult dogs as well as toys you can stuff with treats.

And exclusively for DK readers, they’re giving away 10 FREE Orbee-Tuff® bulb toys today. Click here to win!

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