December 26, 2007

Cover Dog

Fact: Dogs love attention (Who doesn’t?).

Myth: A few pats on the head daily will do it.

Although he or she hasn’t mentioned it yet, your dog is secretly dying to grace the pages of the popular press. And not just the pages, but also his or her very own magazine COVER! And not just any popular press, but PlayDog Magazine.

So don’t wait. Put your pug’s mug (or any dog’s) on the cover of PlayDog Magazine now. Imagine the delight as Poochie sets off on the road to canine stardom with his very own framed cover shot and 2 myspace graphics, 1 avatar and 1 thank you friend graphic, plus interior articles featuring his name and various info.

Because every dog wants to be a Cover Dog. And you’ll get a bit of attention yourself! Because Poochie will never forget you on his way to the top.

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