December 31
, 2009

HduO Water Dispenser for People and Pets

You share your heart, your food, your home and your life with your dog or cat; why not share your water dispenser?

HduO is the first water dispensing system designed to meet the needs of the whole family. It automatically fills the pet bowl with the same cool, clean water that we drink, although via a separate dedicated water line.

Pets love HduO as instinct drives animals to running water. Pet owners love the convenience and peace of mind, knowing that their pets always have fresh, clean water.

Once they "discover" the cool fresh water supply, pets love the HduO! Cats are notoriously finicky about how fresh their water is; dogs too will love the taste of fresh, clean water.

Safety features include child resistant hot water safety latch, a fill sensor to prevent pet bowl from overflowing, a dedicated water line to pet’s bowl (eliminates backfill), and more state-of-the-art functions.

Be the first. It’s so civilized!

HduO Water Dispenser



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