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May 24, 2024

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Take the Tiki!

Have you ever tried to teach a cat how to fetch? Well, to snag one of these delectable stix, maybe your kitty would do a trick or two! These creamy, dreamy mousse snacks are great right out of the tube—or even as a meal topper to some lackluster kibble.

Perfect for gravy lovers, they come in so many awesome flavors: chicken & shrimp; duck; salmon; tuna & scallops; chicken; and tuna. These are high-protein flavor bombs made from real, quality ingredients. They even have a variety pack if you’re not sure which flavor you want your bestie to try first. It’s a great way to treat your furbaby to something special—and different. These stix sure won’t stick around for too long!

Tiki Pets Cat Stix



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