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December 2, 2021

The Dynamic Duo to the Rescuer

Does your furry friend need to chill out? Apawthecary Medicated treats for dogs are here to save the day! These snacks are made from non-GMO, human-grade ingredients from way up in Canada. Crafted chiefly from two delicious and potent all-natural ingredients, these bites will ease his anxiety and give him a much-needed health boost.

Cinnamon is known for lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels, aiding with digestion, improving circulation, and easing allergies. CBD is known for giving your dog a mellow mood (without making him feel "high") and alleviating aches and pains from injury or old age. When it comes to rescuing your dog from a bad day, two super-ingredients are better than one!

Apawthecary Medicated CBD Dog Treats





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