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November 30, 2022

The Future of Litterboxes is Here

Let's admit it, scooping out doo from your cat's litterbox isn't your favorite part of being a pet owner. It can be downright disgusting if you don't have the right equipment (or temperament). Plus, if your particular kitty is an OCD neatnik who DEMANDS a clean litter box AT ALL TIMES (or else you risk inviting an unpleasant retribution), it can be hard to keep on top of it.

Invest in a Litter-Robot! This automated litter box does the dirty work for you. It separates the waste from the clean litter and pushes the clumps into the tray at the bottom. It really will help reduce the amount of litter that inevitably winds up being tracked throughout your home. It's even WiFi enabled so you can use the app to monitor and control your Litter-Robot from wherever you are! Plus, it looks futuristic and cool. It's as if your cat is going to be "beamed up" every time she visits the potty!


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