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April 12
, 2021

Want to Chew, Need to Chew, Will Chew - Greenies

Save up to 20% on Greenies!
Dogs like to chew, there's no denying that. So keep your shoes intact and give your fur kids something healthy to chew on. Greenies are 100% edible and 100% enjoyable for your pet. They're formulated with highly soluble ingredients that break down easily in the digestive process. And chewing on Greenies helps keep their teeth healthy, too!

We love that there's a Greenie size and formula for every size and age of pet, too—from Teenie to Large (with everything in between), in Lite or Regular, from pups to seniors, for dogs and cats. There's even a Joint Care formulation with supplements to help protect and support healthy joints.

Save up to 20% on Greenies at

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